How do I request one of your custom designs ?

If you have a custom design please be sure to email or reach out to us on social media. We offer plenty of designs that don't make it to our social media. 

How do I request a design that I do not see on your website? 

We can create something similar for you and/or make your vision come to life. Please email us at tresbellakreations@gmail.com to discuss design specifics prior to placing your mock up request as we do not offer refunds, only store credit. All custom orders require a $10 design fee that will go towards the cost of your services.  

I have a design file already. Can you print transfers for me? 

Please email your high resolution file to us at tresbellakreations@gmail.com with that request. Our designer will review the file to make sure it’s something our machines can print/cut well for you prior to us committing to do this for you. After the design is approved, the remainder of the process follows the mock up guidelines, however, your turnaround time will likely be quicker as the file has already been created. 

What is a mock up? 

A mock-up is an image, JPG file, of your design specifics rendered on a t- shirt, so you can gauge interest from your customers, advertise, and/or submit to your board/association for approval. Mock-ups are NOT transfers and do not come with transfers nor are they digital files of your design. 

What file format do you need for my mock up request? 

We require high resolution (minimum 3,000 pixels x 3,000 pixels), true PNG files with transparent backgrounds or SVG files. JPG files, screenshots, PNG files without transparent backgrounds will not be of use for your design. If no appropriate mascot image is provided, your design will not include a mascot at all. We will not pull files from a search engine to fulfill your request. We recommend you contact your local ISD office for these files. 

How do I order transfers of my mock-up? 

Once your mock up design is complete, it will be delivered via email to the email address provided on the mock-up request form along with a link to purchase transfers in all available sizes that specific design is able to cut.